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Provincial Exam Information

There are 5 graduation program exams required to meet BC Dogwood Diploma requirements.

  • Grade 10 Language Arts
  • Grade 10 Science
  • Grade 10 Mathematics
  • Grade 11 Social Studies or Grade 12 BC First Nations Studies
  • Grade 12 Language Arts

Provincial exam results are blended with the classroom mark to generate the final course mark. Grade 10 and 11 exams count for 20% of the final mark. Grade 12 exams count for 40% of the final mark (except for the BC First Nations Studies 12 exam, which counts for 20%).
Exams are mandatory to receive credit in these courses. If you take Social Studies 11 and BC First Nations Studies 12, you must write the associated provincial exam for both courses.

Need a second chance? Improve your grade by rewriting an exam. In some cases, students are allowed to review their exam responses and can request a rereading of the examination if they feel the mark does not accurately reflect how they did.


To rewrite a provincial exam more than once, you must retake the course. If you retake the course before you rewrite for the first time, you cannot carry over the first rewrite opportunity. Once you take the course again you can write the exam, then rewrite the exam once within the following twelve months. To register for a rewrite, see a school counsellor.

Re-marks and Exam reviews

Please see a school counsellor for more information.

Prepare for your exams wisely and take advantage of sample questions and answers available on the BC Ministry of Education website.



Provincial Examination Specifications and Calculator Policy

Examination Specifications describe how provincially examinable subjects will be tested. Appendices contain the most recent Scoring Guides. Specifications for Grade 10, Grade 11 and Grade 12 examinations may also include sample items and sample examinations.