Career Programs & Associated Hours​

Project Agriculture: 24 hrs.

Project Forest Management: 24 hrs.

Project Natural Resource Management: 16 hrs.

Project Health: 20 hrs.

Project Heavy Duty: 32 hrs.

Encounters with Canada: 40 hrs.

Beijing Summer Camp: 40 hrs.

WE day (Vancouver): 20 hrs.

Driver's License (N): 10 hrs.

CORE (Hunter Number): 20hrs.

Level 1 First Aid: 8 hrs.

Work Safe BC Transportation Endorsement: 2 hrs.

Pleasure Craft Operator Card: 10 hrs.

PAL (Possession & Acquisition License): 15 hrs.

Food Safe: 8 hrs.

Baby-Sitter Course: 8 hrs.


**Please see Mr. LeDuc if there are other courses or licenses that you think you could get credit for. ​